The HEELS EVENT is the main event created by Women for Women

Celebrate your femininity alongside the best female-performers of Caribbean Dance.

Scopri cos'è il The Heels Event

The Heels Event comes from a desire to letting you exclusively focus on beauty, sensuality and attitude when dancing

If you need to feel more confident, fierce, and eventually free from insecurities, the first step towards that could be getting in touch with your body, and mostly your unique feminine side.
Dance can help to express these sides of yourself, it helps you better comprehend your potential and how to fully benefit from it.

The Heels Event’s goal is to have you meet professional female dancers who, on top of reinforcing the basics and teaching you choreographies, will be able to reveal all the secrets to understand yourself with no restraint or explanations, and to convey this new self-awareness into dancing.

As always, Our duty here at Dance Fusion People is to give you the best of the best:


Watch and review the video lessons online whenever you want!

We’ll be recording the best lessons and performances at The Heels Event, providing you High Definition Replays of the most memorable moments of the Event.

For further information, visit The Hells Event.

Discover all the artists present

Uncover the strong and sensual woman that’s in you! You’ll want to never let her go. 

*Lesson recordings will be available later on our platform*.


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A platform entirely designed to give you the opportunity to study with the best teachers and dancers at super affordable prices.

We want to digitalize the world of dance in Italy giving everyone the opportunity to dance with the best at an affordable price.

We want to make it accessible to be able to study and learn from the best without having to travel abroad, taking a plane, booking a hotel, asking for vacation days and many other things.

We want everyone to be able to have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams without having to spend a fortune.

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You can choose the PROMO for only €49.99 for a full year instead of €199.99 per year. With a single subscription you will have access to unlimited Standard classes. No contract or particular constraint, no renewal obligation.

No, it’s a one-time payment and you’ll have access to the platform and classes for one year. If you want to continue to use Dance Fusion People you can do so in the same way, with a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscription or by paying for a single lesson of interest.

With the Promo you will have access to +60 Guaranteed Lessons each month, with the ability to interact and review the lessons you participate in for 3 months. You will have access to 30-minute Standard Lessons for all basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Dance Fusion People is the first online Caribbean school that gives you the opportunity to study with the most famous dancers in Italy and in the world.